Ecoodisk Rabbit chew Ball 15 pieces


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Pet Rodent Set: The set contains 15 pieces Bunny Chew Toy Balls in 4 different styles, including 4 water plant balls, 4 gourd grass balls, 4 wicker balls and 3 corn balls, quantity sufficient and various styles for your pets to play at will.
Suitable for small pets: these chew balls are good toys for most small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, birds, hamsters, gerbils, etc., which is useful for grinding teeth and is conducive to improving the mood of pets.
Practical function: Most rabbits and other small animals need to chew the rolling activity treatment ball to keep their teeth healthy, and it can also help solve the problem of rabbits with excessively long teeth; observe your lovely little pets push and chew the round grass Lax balls, what a cute gesture; besides, some birds may like to use the balls to build nests and peck them.


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