Colexy 5 Piece Hamster Toys


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Great Value Toy Sets: These sets include: Seesaw, Seesaw, Bridge, Sleeping Nest and Exercise Ring. Each Toy Is Individually Wrapped In Opp Packaging, So You Just Need To Assemble The Boards To Provide Your Pet With A Comfortable And Healthy Set Of Toys.
Ideal Pet Toys: These toys will meet your pet’s daily teething needs and prevent overgrown teeth from causing disease. Plus, The Hamster Accessory Gives Your Pet A Sense Of Security And Belonging In Their Tiny Home. Toys Prevent Your Pet From Chewing On Its Cage Or Other Furniture. They Won’t Get Bored With The Toys When You’re On The Go.
Suitable for all types of pets: This toy is not only suitable for hamsters, but also for other small pets such as gerbils and other small rodents. You Can Interact With Your Pet With These Toys To Keep Them Active And Healthy.


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